Dear Principal,

Your best leadership presence is your most powerful intervention. Yet we’re all too familiar with the barriers that can arise as we strive for excellence each day…  

*Long days and fatigue  

*Competing demands on your time and priorities  

*Chronic stress that can impact your health, energy, and performance  

*Feelings of overwhelm and being stuck on a treadmill  

*Hard-to-resolve conflicts and systemic blocks  

*Limited time for coaching and training to take your performance to the next level  

*A lack of community support and customized feedback  

At the MiraNous Institute for Leaders in Education, we can help you remove those barriers, connect with peers, gain expert support, and ultimately become the leader you’re meant to be.  

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Your best leadership presence is your most powerful intervention!

Miranda F. Walichowski, Ph.D., ACC

How do you do? I am Miranda Walichowski a clinical associate professor in Educational Psychology, Bilingual Programs, at Texas A&M University. 

I thought I loved nothing more than teaching (from PK-College) and facilitating adult learning…until I met coaching. Once I experienced the power of coaching, I began a quest to integrate coaching with my work in education. I’ve found that MILE is my way of bringing the best modalities of human development and potential to whom I consider to be the most important leaders: those who are leading in education.

I am an ICF credentialed Associate Certified Coach, an independent Leadership Coach at the Doerr Institute for New Leaders at Rice University, and the founder of MiraNous Coaching and Consulting, LLC and the MiraNous Institute for Leaders in Education (MILE). I have recently developed and I am teaching graduate-level coursework in Transformational Coaching and Instructional Coaching and Teacher Leadership.  

Linda McAnelly, M.A., ACC

Hello, I am Linda McAnelly and I have served as a school administrator and superintendent for 18 years.  

When Miranda expressed her vision for MILE, it touched my heart. I underwent coach training just before my last year of superintendentship. My passion is in working with leaders and individuals to recharge their energy and renew their zest for leading and living. And this is critically important for leaders in education. My greatest joy is helping clients meet their goals from their own self-selected agendas. When those clients are leaders in education, my joy in serving becomes exponential.  

In MILE, I serve leaders like you with my coaching, mastermind facilitating, and consulting services. My consulting services cover an array of topics such as curriculum & instructional, personnel issues, instructional leadership, public relations, communication, and time management. I am an ICF credentialed Associate Certified Coach with multiple degrees in leadership. I work with school districts on training leadership teams on a variety of topics including the TTESS appraisal system and TTESS implementation. I provide leadership coaching to school board members, superintendents, and principals. I am also an independent leadership coach for the Doerr Leadership Institute at Rice University. I am the founder of McAnelly Consulting, LLC.  

David Handler, PCC

Greetings! My name is David Handler, and since 2003, I have worked with leaders in a broad spectrum of industries as an executive coach – providing coaching to individuals and teams to help them gain clarity on what they want to accomplish and to create specific action steps for getting there. I hold the Professional Coaching Certification (PCC) designation from ICF. Previously, I was an award-winning sports television producer, co-founder of the nation’s leading sport travel company and senior executive in charge of marketing for an international franchising organization. I am the founder of Success Handler, LLC. 

When Miranda approached me about being part of the MILE team, I immediately said yes. The opportunity to coach leaders in education who are committed to developing our future leaders is important to me. My wife is a school board trustee for the Tomball Independent School District and our three adult children all benefitted from having excellent teachers and strong academic support during their formative years. My role in MILE is to provide one-on-one coaching with participants – and I look forward to exploring how you will impact the teachers and students who depend on your leadership.  

Marlon C. James, Ph.D. 

Hello, I am Marlon Jones. I am an Assistant Professor of Urban Education and the Co-Director of the Collaborative for Advancing Urban School Excellence (C.A.U.S.E.) at Texas A&M University.  

I am looking forward to partnering with you to support your leadership excellence. I serve as a consultant in the MILE program. I offer you my expertise to help you take your instructional leadership to the next level. For example, I can work with you to improve the way that you document and analyze instructional patterns in teacher-teacher peer visits and leader observations. My contribution is also in helping leaders build capacity to address issues of equity in schools (discipline and achievement disparities). Third, I provide my services to help you develop culturally responsive interventions to improve social and academic outcomes among males of color.  

I earned a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction with foci in Urban and Multicultural Education from Texas A&M University. My B.S. and M.S. are in Sociology of Race & Ethnic Relations from Illinois State University. My research, teaching, and service center on transforming learning and teaching in urban schools, and organizing community resources to meet the developmental needs of young men of color.  

Jui-Teng "Willson" Li, Ph.D. 

Hi, I am Willson Li. I am a research specialist in the bilingual education programs of the Department of Educational Psychology at Texas A&M University. I am helping develop the MILE 360 and validating it. I analyze reports to provide you powerful insight from the instruments to help you develop your best leadership.  

I can also support you with any data collection and analysis questions that you have so that you can have better data collection, make better data-based decisions, and have more effective data meetings, What are you curious about at your school? What would you like to understand with data? I am also a data manager and analyst in Eco-Resilience National Professional Development Programs. I have been involved in multiple federally funded projects as a data analyst. I employ my statistical skills to generate concise summaries of the findings and report on them in research journals and conferences.  

I have experience with conducting classroom observations and working with school districts in North Texas and Southeast Texas on the analysis of school achievement data (e.g., multiple regression, hierarchical linear modeling, and structural equation modeling) to inform districts on research-based recommendations and strategies for teaching and learning. My research interests are measurement in education, bilingual program evaluation, language arts curriculum design, and cognitive literacy skills. Finally, I have ten years of experience as both an ESL/EFL teacher and a Chinese teacher.  

In the competitive business world the best of the best mastermind, receive coaching, and have access to high quality consulting.  

It is time we bring those best practices to leaders in education!

The MiraNous Institute for Leaders in Education (MILE) is an innovative and unique program that provides principals with masterminding, individual coaching, and consulting. We take a holistic approach that honors you, optimizes your time, and empowers you to your highest leadership performance.  

Our principals’ leadership program is a six-month virtual program to help principals…  

• Maximize their time and resolve competing priorities • Find structured, professional support • Build community and find accountability partners • Take huge strides toward becoming the leader they’re meant to be • Increase emotional intelligence • Free up your leadership drive and energy • And become an even higher-performing leader  


We are currently offering our program on the following dates. Check back regularly for new cohorts.

September 2019 to June 2020 

Seven Questions for Principals:

1. Have you considered that your leadership is the most influential intervention? 

Your leadership is second to classroom instruction in impacting student learning. Researchers go so far as to say that school improvement is not possible without talented leadership.

2. What if leadership excellence is less training and more support?

Studies show that principals often fail to thrive and abandon their critical roles as school leaders because of lack of support.  

Support does not mean that you need to learn more or be trained more. We believe it’s time to consume less information and apply what you already know in ways that align with the leader you are meant to be.  

You are perfectly equipped to be a high-performing principal. You just need to leverage the factors that top-performing individuals do. And we can help.  

"Regardless of how well-prepared school leaders are in their formative years, few can achieve and maintain their best performance on their own. Top performing leaders, like top-performing athletes, CEOs, and musicians, take advantage of coaching to make certain they are as good as they can be..." 

~ Drs. J. Smith & R. Smith 



3. What would you do with an increase in emotional intelligence and energy? 

What distinguishes the best leaders from the rest of the pack is their level of emotional intelligence.  

A recently published dissertation on the Energy Leadership Development Coaching model showed the impact of a coaching program with senior managers. The experimental group (those who partook in the coaching program) had a stastically significant increase in emotional intelligence. The control group, who did not receive any coaching, scored lower than they did when they were first assessed on emotional intelligence.

This begs the question, what is the negative impact on your emotional intelligence with each passing year that you do not feel fully supported?

4. How would you use constructive feedback to inform your next steps towards success?

As part of our MILE program, your comprehensive 360 Evaluations, will show you your leadership baseline and potential for excellence. 

First, you can select a 360 Evaluation for Emotional Intelligence—the only scientifically-based instrument available on the market. Or you can select an Energy Leadership 360 assessment, which shows you how others experience you across 7 Energy Levels that provide insight to your perceptions, behaviors, and attitudes.

Second, you will also benefit from the MILE 360 Evaluation, currently in development, which informs you about leadership performance in general and key performance indicators for principal success. A section of this instrument is customizable to provide you with the data you most seek.  

5. What personal aspects of your life can no longer be compromised or neglected?

We define “high-performing” as a holistic journey of consistent efforts that lead to excellence. Very few people can achieve--much less maintain--excellence if vital, integral areas of their life are being neglected or compromised.  

"Being high-performing, requires habits that protect your well-being, maintain positive relationships, and ensure that you serve others as you climb. You simply can't beat the norms if you have driven yourself to the ground." ~Brendon Burchard  

This program will support you at a personal, holistic level in a way that no other professional development is able to achieve. 

6. What is possible in a community of high performing principals?

Change is best supported in community, but principalship is not designed to foster community. The first thing you’ll feel in this program is that you are truly supported and that you have a team on your side and working side-by-side with you for your success.

7. Are you in?

If any of these questions intrigued you, compelled you, then MILE is for you.  

The beauty of this program is that it is not “one more thing you have to do.” Instead, MILE is designed to help you focus on what is going well, what you have in place, your district initiatives, and your professional and personal goals. This program is truly something that is at YOUR service. 

You have invested much in your education and career. Top performers do not become top-performers on their own. Invest in yourself! We are ready to journey with you.  

To register or to inquire about the program please call 979-739-8299, email, or complete the form below.

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Your commitment to our program is ONLY 5 to 7 hours per month. 

We know you’re busy, and we respect your time. So we maximize it… 

 The Mastermind group meets online for 1.5 hours, once a month. 

   Your two private coaching sessions per month (1 hour each) will be scheduled at your convenience via an online conference or phone call. 

 One hour per month you can work with one of our consultants to support you in key areas.  

 One hour a month can be used to work on the modules and additional resources we provide. 

   You’ll interact about 30 minutes a month with your accountability partner and with the group online. Every minute that you invest in this program will buy back hours of your time and a brighter quality of life.  

MILE is aligned to Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning 

MILE embraces standards for professional learning--learning that works to impact leadership development and school improvement. Our program works by leveraging…  

1. Community. The first thing most principals will say about the program is that they truly felt supported within our model of masterminding, coaching, and consulting.  

2. Assessment and Data. We use assessments and data that inform leadership development: 360 evaluation, Emotional Intelligence Assessment, Energy leadership, and self-evaluation and reflection exercises . 

3. Learning Design. Our program integrates theories, research, and models of adult learning.  

4. Drive Toward Outcomes. We aim to impact leadership performance and satisfaction, teacher effectiveness, and student success.  


 Because the program is highly customized, we are only accepting two cohorts of ten principals each.

 If you or your district are interested in participating, register soon.


“I would encourage any principal to participate in the MILE program. Specifically for me, the work I did around vision was amazing. I came away with a clear vision, one that I could articulate, one that would guide my decisions, and one that I could convey to others. It is critical for any new principal to have a clear vision, one that is explicit. The program gave me a safe and non-judgmental space. I had never experienced this type of coaching; it is different. I felt that I had someone who listened to me carefully and who helped me think deeply. I did not have delays in implementing anything, I would get off a coaching session or mastermind session and have things that I could immediately do the next day on my campus. After my sessions, I would go back to my leadership team and share what I was learning. I would share things with other principals. I remember coming away with a practice that is making a big difference for me. I shared that practice with three other principals, and they implemented that as well!”

~ Jennifer Price, Principal, Aldine ISD

“Upon beginning my work in MILE, I felt a bit uneasy and defensive. However, I soon realized that this program is designed to be a 'no judgement' zone in which I could discuss candidly my personal and professional goals and how to attain them. Very early on in the program, I felt comfortable and even enthusiastic about participating in the activities and discussions. Miranda successfully established an easy, productive rapport with all of us. I have felt the coaching, consulting, and masterminding that comprised the program helped me to better understand myself as a leader and to focus on the steps I need to take to be more effective in my role. As a result of this program, I have become more purposeful in setting concrete goals for myself and altering my lifestyle to achieve those goals. Miranda has helped me to view my professional success as a product of my bettering myself holistically. I would endorse wholeheartedly the usefulness of this program as a means of helping leaders be reflective on their personal and professional growth and finding a path to achieve that growth. It has been a positive and productive experience!"

~ Ash Kirk, Principal, Aldine ISD

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1. Program Investment for 1 Principal is $4,577.

2. Special Program Investment: 3 Principals at $11, 442 (savings of $2,289). 

3. For larger groups, please inquire. 

All participants receive two, Pre and Post 360 Leadership Evaluations.

 The first 360 is the MILE 360 and will be administered for all leaders.

 For the second 360, leaders can select between the Energy Leadership 360 or the EQi 2.0 360 (determined by leader's goals).

 The post evaluations will take place one year after program completion. 

There is more. These are generous benefactors and sponsors of MILE who are all-in to ensure that school leaders are supported in succeeding holistically!

D1 is offering an exclusive rate only for participants in MILE. D1 is also offering fitness consultations and personalized fitness plans that includes videos for those principals who reside outside of the D1 location. This program supports all the dimensions of the human person. D1 is here to support the physical well-being of principals. 

More Benefactors Coming Soon!

If good enough is no longer good enough you are in the right place!

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